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What makes welding robot popular in industrial production industry

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Now in the industrial era, many industrial production lines will choose robots to do some repetitive work, which can not only save labor cost and time cost, but also has higher efficiency than manual operation, so welding robots are now the first choice for automatic transformation. Because the welding robot has the advantages of high efficiency, automation and intelligence, today's fiber laser welding robot manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction of why more and more enterprises choose welding robot production compared to manual operation.

What makes welding robot popular in industrial production industry

1. Swing function of welding gun

The robot can set the pendulum and pendulum functions of welding gun in the touch screen.

2. Scraping arc function

When there are rust, oil and other defects on the surface of the workpiece, it can be set to repeatedly scrape the workpiece surface with welding wire until the arc is started successfully.

3. External start / stop function

The control cabinet is equipped with I / O board, which can be externally connected with expansion functions such as start and stop.

4. Arc correction function

The system is equipped with high-precision line, arc, point-to-point difference compensation, line + swing, arc + swing difference compensation, curve difference compensation and other functions.

5. Arc return function

At the end of welding (when the arc off command is executed), in case that the welding wire is stuck on the workpiece (hereinafter referred to as wire bonding), the automatic fusing welding wire (and then arc feeding) will release the wire bonding state, so that it can continue to operate, and the contact times can be set.

6. Temporary stop point and power-off automatic recovery function

In case of arc abnormity, power failure and temporary stop during welding, after removing the error factors or temporary stop reasons, call the command when starting again to automatically recover from any position to the arc cutting position. At the same time, by setting the offset of the arc cutting position, the overlap of the weld and the rest of the welding can be specified.

7. Crater filling function

The power supply can precisely control the attenuation of current to fill the crater during arc suppression.

The above is about the advantages of welding robot in industrial production. With the development of social technology innovation, welding robot is also undergoing transformation, from single function to gradually realize diversified development. It is believed that in the future, welding robot will be applied to other more fields and create greater benefits.


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