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New technological characteristics of laser cutting in sheet metal processing

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The conventional sheet metal processing technology is: cutting punching bending welding process or flame plasma cutting bending welding process. In the face of orders with multiple varieties, small batch, customization, high quality and short delivery time, it shows obvious inadaptability. Laser cutting technology, as an alternative technology of "cutting punching", has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility. At the same time, most people think its cost is high. Therefore, it is often used in the manufacturing of special-shaped (or complex shape) workpieces and samples (single piece or small batch). But when the small batch manufacturing is more and more popular and timely, the demand of laser cutting is also increasing.

When re examining the new sheet metal processing technology: laser cutting bending welding / riveting, due to the high flexibility and precision of laser cutting, the maturity and popularization of 3D design technology, users can benefit from the new design and new process, so as to achieve the requirements of reducing cost and shortening construction period. Therefore, the new sheet metal process starts from the design: design laser cutting bending welding / riveting. Here are a few examples to illustrate the characteristics of the new process.

New technological characteristics of laser cutting in sheet metal processing

1. Multiple bending technology has been widely used in box manufacturing industry in China. The advantage is that the traditional stiffeners are omitted. It has its unique design and technology. So as to achieve the goal of high product quality and low manufacturing cost. In the actual process, it is necessary to cooperate with spot welding.

2. Under the traditional technology, the workpiece is composed of several parts. Now, a cut bend is complete. The purpose of reducing working procedure, time limit and cost is achieved

3. Because of the use of tenon structure, the whole process can be completed after the workpiece is bent with spot welding process. Workpiece deformation is small, no need to shape and polish before spraying.

4. Under the traditional process, special clamps are equipped for welding. Now the parts are similar to woodworking tenon technology, accurate positioning, time-saving, simple welding fixture, small product deformation. It has achieved the purpose of shortening the construction period, reducing the cost and improving the quality.

5. Using the characteristics of laser cutting with fine seam and high precision, four workpieces are completed by one-time cutting (with micro connection) and four times bending. It breaks through the design idea under the traditional technology, and achieves the purpose of shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.

Due to the characteristics of the new process, advanced sheet metal equipment software support and design, laser cutting process, bending process. It supports two-dimensional part design, pipe type part design, bending part design (only supports the bending machine of Baicao), and three-dimensional graphic development. The CNC program is transmitted to the designated machine through the standard computer network.


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